Church School

Church School classes begin at 9:30 am for all ages throughout the church campus each Sunday. Some classes are on summer break until Sept. 8.

If you're not sure where to find a meeting location, enter through the Welcome Center at the corner of North Elm and Fisher Park Circle. A greeter-guide will be available to help.

Our children's and youth classes and some adult classes will not meet throughout the summer. They return Sept. 8.

Finding God in Mayberry

andy griffithRev. Gerald Donnelly will lead a discussion titled "Finding God in Mayberry" in YMBC on Sundays in August. To illustrate a principle, Jesus often used a parable—an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Parables allow listeners to recognize real-life events as relevant examples of spiritual truth. This class will view and focus on episodes (“parables”) of the The Andy Griffith Show to find meaningful lessons about morality, relationships, and responsibility from watching the show is not surprising in this regard. After all, Mayberry is a wholesome place where a keen respect for others is depicted in many ways. By the same token, the appeal of good storytelling usually is built upon having the audience become aware of the consequences caused by the characters' actions. That rule of thumb applies whether the story is being told in Mayberry, by Shakespeare, or the authors of the Bible.

Danny on Daniel

dannyRev. Danny Massie, our interim pastor, continues "Danny on Daniel," a study of the Book of Daniel, through Aug. 18 in the Garden Room at 9:30 am on Sundays. Danny says the book has a particular relevance for our current life and times and warrant a revived interest. Like Daniel and his Jewish friends living in Babylonian exile. Christians today must realize that we are a minority people living as it were in an alien culture which no longer shares our values and our views. How will we cope and remain faithful in such a time?


Classes return Sept. 8. 

Nursery care is available on the ground floor of Mullin Life Center.


Classes return Sept. 8.

Adult classes

See the most up-to-date topics on our Sunday page.

Adult Elective

Meets in the Garden Room adjacent to the Welcome Center, 617 N. Elm St.

  • August: Rev. Danny Massie leads "Danny on Daniel"


On summer break until Sept. 8; members invited to YMBC, Adult Elective, or Seekers.  


On summer break until Sept. 8; members invited to YMBC, Adult Elective, or Seekers.

Homebuilders / Faith Matters

On summer break until Sept. 8; members invited to YMBC, Adult Elective, or Seekers.


Meets in the Vaughn Conference Room (Main 125), beneath the Sanctuary.

Current topic: Exodus 


Meets in Redhead Hall, adjacent to Memorial Chapel, off North Elm Street half a block south of the Sanctuary.

  • August: Rev. Gerald Donnelly leads "Finding God in Mayberry."